DIVA SATÄNICA is an urban legend, no one really knows what she is. A woman with supernatural powers? A vampire? Some call it Medusa, others the Queen of Evil or just The Lady in Black for purists. Perhaps somewhere, someone has developed a theory of how this legend fits into Stephen King's universe. But what is known is: She is real, no one leaves her Mansion alive and she is very, very difficult to find. Why do people keep looking, why do they come to you? Simple. In exchange for your life, she promises the best night of pleasures you could ever have. Throughout the pages, we follow Jonathan, a quiet worker with little perspective on life and a destructive addiction. Due to casual encounters (or would they be supernatural?), Without any connection other than pure destiny or bad luck, he ends up meeting the urban legend of DIVA SATÄNICA, awakening a new purpose for himself.

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