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I am BRÄO (BRO-UHM), an artist born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil. After spending most of my years working as an animator and art-director for animation companies, I decided to focus on the work I love most, which is drawing and painting. As the years passed, I started developing my own visual style and gained quite a following, which, not only amazes me, but also inspires me to work more. I released independently two books, an erotic comic titled Cornücópia and an artbook titled Bad Wömen vol.1. I am currently working on short story for Guido Crepax's Valentina and Bad Wömen vol.2, which should be released on the second semester of 2016.
I still do work for advertising as animation director, but I still manage to keep the engines running for my own personal and independent work. I am also a professor at Quanta Academia de Artes, where I teach drawing and painting in its regular annual courses.

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