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I am BRÄO (BRO-UHM), an artist born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, where I spent most of my adult life working as an animator and art director for animation production companies. In 2010 I decided to dedicate myself to drawing and painting which I had abandoned for almost a decade. Over the years, I started to develop a visual style and gain a following, feeling more confident to create my work. I have self published six books, the erotic comic “Cornücópia” (2015), the horror comic “Diva Satänica” (2017), the gnarly graphic novel "Vermilliön" (2018) and the three volumes of my artbook “Bad Wömen”.

Today, I think I'm more of a comic book artist than anything else. My last comic, Vermilliön (2018), released this year internationally by the publisher Behemoth, consolidated me as an author, but I still work for advertising as an animation director. I am also a professor at Quanta Academia de Artes, where I teach drawing and painting in its regular annual courses.

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